Studio 6

Studio Setup & Engineers


STUDIO 6 launched in 2002 with an unrivalled passion for producing the finest quality recordings for the local, national and international market, with a further goal to serve the local community – offering a low cost well-equipped rehearsal facility. 17 years later, Studio 6 has a portfolio to rival the top professional studios.

Constantly upgrading to the latest equipment as the market requires, keeping our approach fresh and capable of delivering even the most demanding of clientele specification.

On entering through a very unobtrusive entrance, you will find our staff friendly, knowledgeable and able to deliver on the exact requirements you are looking for, whether that is the latest pop tunes, metal, jazz funk or blues, or even on occasion, the odd rap artist.

Make us your first choice for your next project.

Our production team has a wide variety of capability and we will tailor the producer to your type of project.

The Control Room

is built and equipped to a high specification to get the best results.

Our Equipment

as with everything from drums to guitars available on request we can provide our recording artists with everything they need for their project.

Our Live Room

is equipped with Drums, PA, Mics and Cabs Ready for the most demanding of rehearsal.

Our Philosophy

We will only ever give you the best quality production.

We work with some of the best artists in the business today, covering a wide variety of styles and music. Our work has been featured on albums by some of the biggest names around, including ‘Bring me the Horizon’, ‘Neck Deep’, ‘War Wound’ and recently, Hawser from Holland and ‘Nothing from No-one’ from France. We have also worked with some other great labels and artists over the years.

Stu McKay

Production, Mixing, Editing and Mastering, including creating Beats for Rap Artists


Chris SAnderson

Tracking, Editing and Mixing


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Find out how your project could be produced by our dedicated team of engineers led by Producer Stu McKay who has a reputation for getting the very best from your creative endeavours.